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2012 Suzuki Equator - 5Z62D0CT1CC458590

VIN 5 Z 6 2 D 0 C T 1 C C 4 5 8 5 9 0
ISO 3779 World Manufacturer Identifier VDS VIS
European Union
& North America
World Manufacturer Identifier Vehicle Attributes Check Digit Model Year Plant Code Sequential Number

VIN 5Z62D0CT1CC458590
VIS 1CC458590
Checksum 1
VIN 5Z62D0CT1CC458590
Model Year 2012
Make Suzuki
Model Equator
Engine Type
Body Pickup Extended Cab
Style Various
Fuel Gas
Transmission Various
Safety Various
Driveline 4X2
MPG 21 miles/gallon
Wheelsize RVarious
Wheelbase 126 in.

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Overall Width 73 in.
Overall Length 207 in.
Overall Height 69 to 70 in.
Vehicle Weight 4690 to 5577
Manufactured In Smyrna, Tennessee